New Play Ideas Brochure from Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

If you’re starting to plan your outdoor play area at this stage you may be looking for some inspiration. Richter Spielgeräte have released ‘Play Ideas’ – a catalogue of new play equipment that can be installed by exclusive suppliers Natureplay Ireland. The play equipment is all of Richter Spielgeräte’s typical quality, combining hard-wearing natural materials with optimal play value. We think you will be inspired by some of these new pieces.

Landscape Architecture Meets Play

The Curve (below) is a perfect example of design for space and play. Any number of Curves can be combined to make a line, corner, or other shape, sparking creative role-playing experiences and providing cosy spots to gather, talk, or play. Equipment such as a rotating disc, bench or other modules can be added for additional play opportunities.

Curve play piece by Richter Spielgerätet


Sensory Learning Through Play

We are passionate about allowing children to experience and learn about the natural elements through play. Take a look at the Harmony Outdoor Area at Dumfries House, created by our sister company in Scotland, which is designed to provide these learning and play opportunities. Richter Spielgeräte’s beautiful wooden sand, flower or water boxes are designed to be flexible. Add them together to create multiple sensory opportunities, or add to a small space for a simple play solution.

Sand play equipment by Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

Street Acrobatics

Children love to climb, and this Street Acrobatics piece of play equipment by Richter Spielgeräte offers a myriad of opportunities for climbing, hiding and going through openings. There are also cosy niches for role-playing and talking. Children can use a bridge or a climbing trunk to access the climbing frame, but the best way to exit may be the fireman’s pole.

Street Acrobatics climbing frame by Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

If you are inspired to create an engaging, fun, risk-appropriate play area on your grounds, we can advise you on the best pieces of equipment for your visitors, and ensure that the play area is designed with your natural environment in mind.


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